The Electronics Workbench

As engineers we know that electronics workbenches are very personal spaces that need to be equipped appropriately for our individual requirements. One thing that is certain, without the right instruments, tools and working environment, it is very difficult to achieve success.

The right workbench sets the foundation upon which a tailored electronics working environment is built. RS offers a wide selection of ESD control equipment, PCB components and PCB handling tools, to ensure that your electronics project isn't affected by ESD issues.

Electronics Workbench essentials from RS

RS have everything you need for your electronics workbench, from selecting the right electronics workbench to ESD Safeguarding and bench power supplies.
  • ESD Control and Cleanroom: When working with highly sensitive electronics, eliminating hazardous static charges is often one of the key considerations. RS offers a wide range of ESD control and cleanroom products which meet electronic industry standards, which offer protection against hazardous static charges by reducing the risk of producing a static charge in the first place.

  • PCB Handling Products and PCB Spacers, Pillars & Supports: RS offers an extensive range of products which aim to meet all your PCB prototyping and production requirements. From PCB handling tools and accessories to PCB mounting; soldering and desoldering to precision tools and test equipment.

  • Electronics Cleaners and Protective Coatings: In sensitive and anti-static electronics workbench areas it is important that you have essentials such as freeze sprayers, protective coating sprays and precision cleaners on hand, so you can engineer durability into your electronics applications and designs.

Workbench, storage, vices, tools & workbench consumables

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Soldering and Desoldering

Electronic Components and Parts

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