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    Clips & Springs

    At RS, you will find a wide range of quality clips and spring within our fasteners and fixings offer. Browse our collection of hose, pipe and spring clips as well as a great range of compression and extension springs. Where more than one size or style is necessary or while you're building up a collection of parts for any range of applications, why not look at our range of clips and spring kits. We partner with a selection of trusted manufacturers to bring you only the best quality products, including HI-GRIP, Jubilee, HellermannTyton and our own brand RS Pro.

    Types of clips

    Hose clips or jubilee clips as they are commonly known are available in many different materials such as stainless steel, brass and Zinc-plated steel. We offer many materials to ensure the best choice for your requirements. Materials such as stainless steel are corrosion resistant and are ideal for fastening pipes or hose that may be exposed to the elements. Our hose clips are available in many sizes, always ensure to check the minimum and maximum dimensions when purchasing to ensure the best fit possible.

    P-clips wrap around a cable or hose and are then screwed into a support surface to ensure the cable or hose is held in place. A p-clips construction allows for a positive grip on the cable or hose when it is screwed into the support surface making them both reliable and easy to use. Ideal for lightweight use ensuring tables or hoses are held in place away from hazard or wear.

    Pipe clips and clamps are integral for plumbing. The clips are used to fix pipes into the correct position, in both liquid and gas connections. Plastic and metal fixings are available to correspond with the suitable application, for example, you may use a plated product such as zinc-plated steel as this prevents corrosion. Pipe clips are available in measurements of either metric (mm) and imperial (inches).

    Types of Springs

    Compression Springs, commonly called coil springs, are open-coiled steel wire available in a wide range of sizes and strengths to suit a range of applications. As a compression spring is compressed, it provides a push force to return itself to its original, uncompressed size. The push force produced by compression springs makes them ideal for storing energy suitable for a range of day to day applications such as cars, home appliances and even the humble pen.

    Extension springs, also known as tension springs, are a length of tightly coiled wire, typically steel, with hooks or loops at either end. Extension springs absorb and store energy. An extension spring is a component that creates a resistance to a pulling force. Extension springs work by trying to pull two objects back together. The spring pulls in the opposite direction to the force being put on it and the stored energy then pulls the two objects back together.