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    Air Conditioning & Fans

    Air conditioning and fans are a key part of HVAC systems used in homes, workplaces, factories, and commercial spaces. They are responsible for cooling and/or moving the air in giving space, making them essential for any enclosed space.

    Air con and other air cooling units are used for lowering the temperature of a given space by creating and blowing in cold air. Blower fans simply move air by accelerating it forward or by sucking it in. Most HVAC systems will contain both types of fixtures.

    RS Components is your trusted air conditioning system supplier, with a giant selection of air cooling machines, air con fans, and fans of all designs and sizes.

    Types of Fans

    Fans come in different designs, sizes, and functions that give them unique identifying names. RS Components carries the following types of fans:

    • Axial Fans - Standard-designed fans that propel air at a parallel axis to the impeller's blades.
    • Blowers - Also known as centrifugal fans, they consist of an open-drum shape with impeller blades rotating around the perimeter.
    • Ceiling Fans - Cooling fans that are fixed to or hang from the ceiling. They often have blades and are combined with lights, though can be low-profile and bladeless mounts.
    • Duct Fans - Used in HVAC systems to move air around the system.
    • Filter Fans - Made with fine filters that remove particles from the air and purify it.
    • Extractor Fans - remove moisture, gasses, smells, and other airborne particles out of a given space.

    Air Conditioners

    Air conditioners cool down rooms by removing humidity and pumping in cooler air. Most commercial spaces and offices will have massive air conditioning systems that run through ducts in the ceilings. In contrast, homes will have smaller systems, like central air, or rely on individual air conditioning units.

    Air con units are either permanently wall-mounted or temporarily fit in an open window. Smaller devices like air con fans are portable fans that cool like air conditioners, which can sometimes be more cost-efficient.

    RS Components carries air conditioners, AC fans, and other air cooling devices, as well as parts to perform maintenance. With hundreds of products and components in stock, you can trust RS to be your air conditioning system supplier.