Data Converters

All types of data converters essentially perform a variation on one key role: converting analogue signals to digital data, or vice versa. We work with global brands like Texas Instruments, Microchip, Analog Devices, Cirrus Logic, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology, Silicon Labs and Maxim to source high quality and value components for your PCB, prototyping and electronics needs.

What types of data converters are available to buy online?

Data converters that perform analogue-to-digital signal conversion are known as ADCs, whereas devices converting signals from digital to analogue are called DACs. Both categories cover a great many data converter architectures, for use in a huge range of electronics builds and applications. Here are some of the different types available:

  • Analogue Front End ICs

  • Audio & video ADCs and DACs, for converting a range of audio/video inputs to digital signals in applications like vibration and geographical analysis, as well as in microphone circuitry for radio, TV, telecommunications equipment and consumer devices

    • Audio & Video Encoders & Decoders

    • Audio Codec ICs

    • Audio Decoder ICs

    • Audio Encoder ICs

    • Video Decoder ICs

    • Video Encoder ICs

    • Video Encoder & Decoder ICs

  • Capacitance to Digital Converters

  • Data Acquisition System ICs, popular as an all-in-one signal conditioning and conversion module, for processing analogue signals detected by various sensors and transducers into digital data to be used by the host system

  • Digital Potentiometers or digipots, used in system calibration, process and volume control, smart actuation and voltage margining applications

  • Energy Measurement ICs

    • Resolver to Digital Converters

    • Sample & Hold Circuits

    • Sample Rate Converters, for use in broadcasting applications, audiovisual devices and high-end consumer products working with different frame rates and image scales

    • Touch Screen Controllers and Touch Screen Digitisers

    • Voltage-to-Frequency Converters and Frequency-to-Voltage Converters

  • General Purpose ADCs and General Purpose DACs

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