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    Latches, Hinges & Handles

    Door catches, latches, hinges, and handles are all essential parts of a door or cabinet's function and design aesthetic. They are each simple machines that allow a door to function properly, and each of them serves a different purpose.

    RS is a trusted supplier of doors and door parts, including those made specifically for cabinets. We carry catches, latches, hinges, and handles in different styles and designs, and that are made from different metals, alloys, and polymers.

    What are Catches, Latches, Hinges & Handles?

    Door hingesare butterfly-shaped metal brackets that mount one side of a door to a wall or jamb and are what allow it to swing open and closed. The heavier the doors are, the more door hinges are needed to support the weight.

    Door latchesare elements of the door's closing mechanism that lock a door from opening once it is closed. They consist of two separate parts, often made of strong metal, that interlock with each other when manipulated to do so. There are many types of door latches where one piece is mounted on the door and the other on the same-side frame or jamb. Door and cabinet latches must be manually opened or undone to open the door.

    Similarly, door catches are another device used to keep a closed door from opening. But unlike a latch, they do not need to be manually opened. Door catches are an auxiliary element to have on a door but do help to keep a door opening on its own.

    Handles are used to open a door or cabinet. Handles are meant to be pulled or pushed to direct the movement of the door. Some handles can be depressed to open a latch or other locking mechanism.