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    Pneumatic Valves

    Our range of Pneumatic Valves includes a range of control valves, manifold bases, solenoid coils, and repair kits from top suppliers such as Festo, SMC, Bosch Rexroth, and Norgren.

    Our wide range of valves, manifolds, and accessories will ensure you always have what you need to build, repair or maintain your system.

    Manual control valves

    Manual control valves allow for the manual control of airflow around a pneumatic air system. They can be used to control the flow of air in one direction but not another, in a pressure relief situation where pressure needs to be dissipated outside of the system or to control the amount of air that is passed around the airflow system.Manual control valves are available in several control methods from knobs, levers to foot pedals. Control valves are modular, meaning that multiple valves can be used in conjunction with each other to create various combinations of flow.

    Solenoid valve connectors

    Solenoid valve connectors, in simple terms solenoid connectors, are a device which actuates a pneumatic valve by a user or control system remotely by converting energy into a linear motion which actuates the valve.

    Pilot-operated relief valve (PORV)

    Pilot-operated relief valves are used to control pressure in overpressure events. The difference between these control valves and other pneumatic control valves is they use the system pressure to seal the valve, when an overpressure situation is detected they open until the overpressure event has passed, then return to their previous closed state.

    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves open and closed states are controlled by energy. In a closed state, no air can pass through the system and vice versa when the energy is applied to the solenoid. They can be used to control cylinders, large valves, or air tools. Pneumatic Solenoid Valves have two or more ports that control various air circuits to which they are affixed. The state of which ports are open or shut is controlled via a solenoid.

    Pneumatic Bases & Manifolds

    Pneumatic Bases allow for the mounting of multiple pneumatic valves in a given location. Pneumatic Manifolds allow multiple pneumatic fittings to share/connect to one single air or source. Manifolds are available in various port sizes and materials to support high and low-pressure applications.