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    Strobing beacon

    A beacon strobe light flashes when an emergency or safety situation arises. The most common places to find these beacon strobe lights are ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, along with industrial and construction sites. As the primary purpose of beacon strobe lights is to indicate the presence of a vehicle or to alert others to a potentially dangerous situation.

    On top of a vehicle, they are often mounted, but they can also be mounted elsewhere or on a stand. As far as power is concerned, these lights are typically powered by electricity and are either manually or automatically activated. Additionally, some models come equipped with sirens and speakers to alert others to the vehicle's presence.

    At RS, we provide a wide range of beacon strobe lights in various sizes and forms for surface mounting or as panel indicator lights.

    Types of beacon strobe lights

    A beacon strobe light generates the greatest level of attention. Through the brief flare-up of an intense light pulse, LED strobe lights and xenon strobe lights produce the strongest signalling effect. Due to this effect, even when the warning beam is not directly visible to the observer, the light pulse can be perceived. When it comes to warning of danger in a timely and effective manner, strobe lights are the best warning system.

    When you are out shopping for strobe warning lights, you will find a variety of types available. In terms of technology, LEDs and Xenons are among the most popular strobe lights.

    These can either be mounted on any surface or covered with existing lights. In order to know which beacon strobe light is best for you, let's take a closer look:

    LED beacon strobe lights

    In comparison to conventional halogen strobe lights, LED beacon lights offer a number of advantages, including lower energy consumption, longevity, enhanced structural integrity, less heat generation, and greater brightness.

    Vehicles, equipment, and emergency equipment can be identified temporarily with LED beacons, and flashing lights installed on automobiles. Vehicles or stationary warnings typically use them.

    Amber strobe beacon

    Red and amber are the most commonly used signal colours in strobe lights. Strobe lights are used to signal danger as quickly as possible. This is why amber and red are perfect signal colours. In continuous traffic light systems or signal lights, yellow and amber are most commonly used. Get maximum power from a tiny source with our amber LED strobe lights.

    Xenon strobe beacon

    A reliable signalling system is provided by LED technology combined with Xenon technology which is proven. With their high-output LEDs combined with a sophisticated lens design, Auer Signal beacons achieve the highest light output possible.

    A xenon flash tube installed in a Xenon strobe light generates an intense flash of light. Discharging the noble gas xenon causes a glaring light pulse because of the high voltage inside the glass bulb.

    Blue strobe beacon

    The devices are common for use in noisy environments in which it is difficult to hear audible alarms. Lights that are strobing or flashing alternate between being on and off, causing the amount of light to change.

    The beacon strobe lights for panel indicators come in a wide variety of multifunctional beacons. Furthermore, these lights can display other functions besides strobe or multi-strobe lighting, such as steady illumination, flashing illumination, or rotating illumination.

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