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Not all desktop computers and laptops are equipped with sound systems sufficient to your needs, and sometimes an external set of speakers are required. Whether for professional audio visual projects, or even an office presentation, RS Components provides a range of PC speakers from leading brands to support your application. These computer speakers are hardware devices which plug into a computer or laptop, to provide an audio output. They work with the computers sound card to produce the audio. With complete stereo speaker sets and subwoofers available, you can optimize your computer to make the most of music and multimedia entertainment. Whether USB powered and ported, or with mains adapters and phono connections, there is set up to make the most of your desktop or laptop computers multi-channel audio capabilities. For gaming, movies, or group conference calls, external computer speakers are a great way to get the sound quality you need without the limitations of headphones or headsets.The RS Components range of computer speakers can be supplied with manually adjustable volume nobs, and can be freely positioned to opimtize your sound experience.Why Do I Need a Subwoofer?A subwoofer is a bass speaker dedicated to low frequency deep bass sounds that many ordinary speakers cannot provide. Subwoofers, or bass modules, are vital for providing a more rounded and powerful sound in home theatres and for studio quality playback in audio video projects. Subwoofers can be purchased individually, but are also often included in speaker system kits.

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Description Price Model Number of Speakers Frequency Response Ouput Power Colour Speaker Dimensions Speaker Depth Speaker Height Speaker Width
RS Stock No. 880-1438
Mfr. Part No.980-000513
Z120 2 - 1.2W (RMS) Black, White - - - -
RS Stock No. 702-3836
Mfr. Part No.980-000029
S150 2 90 Hz → 20 kHz 1.2W (RMS) Black - - - -
RS Stock No. 730-2732
Mfr. Part No.57139
E80 2 140 Hz → 20 kHz 2 x 120mW - 7 x 6.7 x 14.5cm 14.5cm 7cm 6.7cm
RS Stock No. 124-1041
Mfr. Part No.CleO-SPK1
SPK1 1 Maximum of 400 Hz 1W (RMS) Black 63 x 63 x 23.8mm 63mm 23.8mm 63mm
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