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    Amber Beacons

    Amber beacons are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications to warn people of an imminent hazard or dangerous situation. Amber ; Be Aware! They can be used in factories, manufacturing plants, building sites, and warehouses. Amber beacon lights can also be used on forklift trucks and other slow-moving industrial and commercial vehicles.

    RS offer a great selection of amber beacon lights from industry-leading brands including Moflash, Klaxon, Schneider Electric, Clifford Snell, and of course RS PRO.

    Robust and reliable our amber beacons are available in a range of different light effects such as flashing, rotating, steady and strobe. Bulb types include LED, Xenon, and incandescent.

    Features and Benefits

    • Built to last and manufactured from high-quality materials.
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • Standard, compact, and low-profile versions, with standard or deep base options.
    • Splashproof IP21 through to waterproof IP65 and IP66 and IP67
    • Great selection of supply voltages including 230 V ac and low voltage AC/DC.
    • Wide range of mounting styles including base mount, box mount, wall mount, magnetic, and panel mount.
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