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    Clifford & Snell Beacons

    Beacons are indispensable signalling solutions which are used in a wide range of applications both within and outside of the industrial sector. They are designed to serve as warning devices in hazardous areas by alerting people to danger in a timely manner so they can take necessary action. With that knowledge, let's discuss what to look for when choosing beacons that are right for your business.

    Deciding on a beacon suitable for one's needs comes down to the purpose for which it will be used, which can be a daunting task. However, there is nothing to worry about, as we are here to help and will guide you through the process until you find the most suitable beacon for your needs. Let's get started.

    Beacons are frequently used on vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, to indicate that the vehicle is responding to an emergency. Besides this, these lights can also be used by construction vehicles, utility trucks, and other types of service vehicles.

    Wondering about reliable beacon light options you can trust? Consider Clifford & Snell beacons for their quality.

    In the world of audible and visual signalling, Clifford & Snell has cemented its existence as a leader with its product line, which is complemented by an extensive array of industrial and hazardous beacons.

    Clifford & Snell Beacons address a wide variety of applications and industry sectors which include the following:

    • Security
    • Hazardous areas
    • Mass evacuation
    • Industrial & process control
    • Fire protection
    • Marine
    • Transportation

    Why Choose Clifford & Snell Beacons?

    Clifford & Snell beacons are designed to be highly visible, even in low light conditions.

    They are usually mounted on the roof of a vehicle or on a tall mast. Light sources used in beacons are either bulbs or LED enclosed in a reflective housing, and they are attached to -- motors or mechanisms -- that have the ability to rotate the light or flash it at different intervals.

    The light source is often covered by a coloured lens or filter, which can be red, blue, green, or another colour, depending on the type of vehicle and its intended use. Each colour represents a different meaning.

    What Are the Uses of Clifford & Snell beacons?

    Clifford & Snell beacons can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

    Alerting other drivers to the presence of an emergency vehicle: When a beacon light is flashing, it serves as a visual warning to other drivers that an emergency vehicle is approaching or is in the area. This helps to prevent accidents and allows other drivers to safely move out of the way.

    Identifying the type of vehicle: Different colours of beacon lights are typically associated with different types of vehicles. For example, red beacon lights are usually used on fire trucks and ambulances, while blue beacon lights are typically used on police cars.

    Marking the location of a stationary object: Beacon lights can also be used to mark the location of a stationary object, such as a construction site or a traffic control point. This helps to alert other people to the presence of the object and to the potential danger it may pose.

    Providing a visual reference: Beacon lights can also be used to provide a visual reference for pilots or other people who need to locate an object or a specific location. For example, airport beacon lights are used to mark the location of an airport and to guide planes in for a landing.

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