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    Flashing Beacons

    Mostly used as warning signs, flashing beacons and warning lights are essential for roadside and worksite safety. Used to warn people of hazards or emergencies, they deliver a strong, universally understood message that danger exists.

    If beacons are not flashing - or if they are displayed incorrectly - risks are obvious. Despite this, there are still going to be accidents, injuries, and even deadly deaths that are preventable.

    Flashing beacons are electronic devices used in a vast array of industrial, automation and signalling applications. The flashing light source attracts more attention to a potential hazard or dangerous situation than a standard static beacon light would do.

    In fact, one of the most common places where a flashing beacon can be utilized is at an intersection that has a traffic light or stop sign situated around a curve that motorists can't see. In the immediate aftermath of the sighting of a flasher, drivers are required to pay keen attention to the unusual circumstances surrounding the sighting. There must also be a seriousness to the condition that warrants alerting.

    Keep in mind that the installation of a flashing beacon is not appropriate without such a condition.

    Robust and reliable - our flashing beacons are available in a range of lens colours (application dependant). Bulb types include LED, Xenon and incandescent.

    RS offers an extensive range of high-quality flashing beacons from leading manufacturers such as Werma, Moflash, Klaxon, Clifford Snell, Schneider Electric and of course RS PRO.

    What does the lens colour indicate?

    Red - Serious Danger - Act immediately

    Amber - Warning proceed with care and attention

    Green - Okay proceed as normal

    Blue - Specific process change or warning

    Flashing Amber Beacon Light

    Don't panic if an amber-lit vehicle approaches you. Keep your distance from it and observe all traffic signs. Do not endanger yourself or other road users in the process.

    A flashing amber beacon light is usually displayed to alert drivers of slow-moving vehicles. Vehicles that move slowly are often bigger or wider compared to typical vehicles, making them ideal for road maintenance work. Consequently, you should always check your mirrors when seeing flashing amber lights, slow down, and adjust your driving position accordingly.

    Green Flashing Beacon

    A green flashing beacon on a vehicle indicates to other motorists that the vehicle's occupant is either a doctor or a registered medical practitioner headed to the hospital or other emergency situations. Their vehicle may be travelling at a rapid pace or may stop suddenly without any warning. In this regard, as a responsible member of society, you have a responsibility to ensure their safe and easy passage.

    LED Flashing Beacon

    LED Flashing Beacons offer a bright, reliable, and cost-effective solution for hazardous area signalling. Designed with durability in mind, these products feature IP66 ingress protection to ensure reliable operation even in rugged industrial and outdoor environments.

    Compared to traditional incandescent beacons, LED flashing beacon consume less power and last longer.

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