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    Green Beacons

    Safety and security have relied heavily on green flashing beacons for many years. Signalling tools such as this are used in many other situations, including navigation systems, protection from enemy attack, marine navigation, guiding vehicles, etc.

    There is a connection between green beacons and security and safety. Emergency situations can be signalled by them. On factories, warehouses, and construction sites, it can also indicate that machinery and equipment are running smoothly. Flashing Green beacons are also used to show that a driver or operator has their seatbelt securely fastened.

    There is a wide variety of flashing green beacon lights and green beacon lights available at RS from leading brands such as Moflash, Klaxon, Schneider Electric, Clifford Snell, and of course RS PRO.

    Robust and reliable our red beacons are available in a range of different light effects such as flashing, rotating, steady and strobe. Bulb types include LED, Xenon, and incandescent.

    Types of Green Beacons

    There are several types of green beacons that are used for various purposes. Among the most common types of green beacons are:

    1. Green LED beacon

    Green LED beacons produce a green light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In addition to traffic signals and emergency vehicles, LED beacons are also useful for construction vehicles, airport vehicles, and maritime signals. It is often more energy efficient, more durable, and has a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Combining green LED beacons with other colours can create different signalling patterns or indicate different types of vehicles and situations.

    2. Flashing green beacon

    A flashing green beacon is a light that produces a flashing green light. When a vehicle performs a specific function, it can be used to indicate its location, presence, or function.

    Fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars often display flashing green beacons to indicate they are responding to an emergency. They are also used on construction vehicles that operate in a construction zone, and on airport vehicles that operate on airport grounds. Different types of vehicles or situations can be indicated by flashing green beacons in combination with other colours.

    3. Green rotating beacon light

    A green rotating beacon light is a light that produces a rotating green light. It is often used to indicate the presence or location of a vehicle or to signal that it is performing a specific function.

    Rotating beacon lights are commonly used on emergency vehicles, such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, to indicate that they are responding to an emergency. They are also used to indicate that airport vehicles are operating on airport grounds, along with construction vehicles.

    Green beacon lights: what do they mean?

    When the signal colour is green, it means that the condition is normal and perfect. The situation does not require action. Typically, green beacon lights indicate that a machine is ready for use or is not malfunctioning. A green signal lamp indicates that a machine part or switchgear can be turned on when it lights up, indicating normal operation.

    In safety instructions and warnings, green should be used as a safety colour. The colour blue should be used to indicate that safety instructions indicate a possible danger.

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