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    Blue Beacons

    Blue beacons provide a clear visual indication and are typically used in industry and manufacturing to alert a person to a change. Having a blue signal means that the operator has to take action in response to a particular state.

    What about public roads? Can you use it there? The answer is quite simple. No.

    A multi-stage signal tower, for instance, would benefit from signalling devices with blue beacon lights. It could be something like a power-down notice. It is also possible to use blue beacons as security alarms.

    There are 4 colours that are excluded from this calculation: blue, orange, yellow, and red. There is no limit to the meanings that can be attributed to blue.

    Almost all emergency scenarios can be handled with the proper use of a Blue beacon. However, emergency scenarios vary from country to country. China, for instance, makes use of the blue beacon light primarily in ambulances and has a direct magnetic attraction to its surroundings. As for Belgium, they only use blue beacon lighting in emergency vehicles, i.e., police cars with blue light bars. However, there are some countries, where police cars will have both red and blue lightbars.

    Depending on the jurisdiction, EMTs and firefighters may also use blue beacon lights.

    The use of blue lights in public places such as streets and highways is restricted to law enforcement personnel in many jurisdictions.

    Features and Benefits

    Wide range of mounting styles including base, box, wall, magnetic, and panel mount.

    • Great selection of supply voltages including 230 V ac and low voltage AC/DC.
    • Splashproof IP21 through to waterproof IP65 and IP66.
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • Standard, compact, low-profile versions, with standard or deep base options.
    • High efficiency and long-lasting.
    • Manufactured with high-quality tough materials.

    Types of Blue Beacons

    Blue beacon lights of today are usually strobe beams flashing at high speed to attract drivers' attention, enclosed in aluminium and plastic fixtures.

    Beacon lights are also available with rotating mirrors, incandescent or halogen bulbs, and LEDs in a variety of styles for more effective lighting.

    There is nothing more important to law officers than the blue colour. As the blue colour symbolises authority and respect as well as commanding other drivers' attention.

    Blue Flashing Beacon

    Emergency and accident services should use blue flashing beacons to indicate that they are on the way. The use of blue safety beacons can also be applied both indoors and outdoors. Phones or other safety equipment can be located in this way, for example.

    Blue LED Beacon

    Blue LED beacons cost more initially but are much more energy efficient compared with traditional lighting, which results in reduced motor idling and reduced petroleum consumption in city vehicles.

    Rotating Blue Beacon

    Rotating beacons can be used for a variety of purposes in a wide range of applications, which makes them a viable alternative to flashing or static warning lights. With the use of the rotating beacon light, navigation on the airfield at night becomes more efficient.

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