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    Flashing Amber Beacons

    Amber flashing beacons are an essential safety component for alerting drivers to slower, longer, and wider vehicles travelling down the road. Among the main users are:

    • Emergency response vehicles
    • Security patrol vehicles
    • Recovery vehicles
    • Construction or repair vehicles
    • Public utility vehicles

    In fact, most of the vehicles are equipped with 4-way amber lights to warn other drivers during roadside emergencies or if a slow-moving, impaired vehicle approaches.

    This allows the driver to adjust his or her speed and position as needed. In other words, they are designed to attract a person's attention to a potential hazard.

    Flashing amber beacons are used in a wide range of industrial automation and signalling applications. Flashing amber beacon lights can also be used in factories, and warehouses to indicate that a piece of equipment is about to activate, such as an automatic door or an assembly line.

    Vehicle Flashing Amber Beacon

    Vehicle flashing amber beacons and warning lights are among the most commonly used safety equipment both on roads and at work sites.

    The limited number of regulations surrounding this colour makes amber lights one of the most popular emergency lighting options. Depending on the area you live in, you may be able to use amber lighting alone or in combination.

    Vehicles that use emergency lights are strictly regulated, so it's important to note that they are all subject to regulations. Even though emergency lights can be purchased by anyone, including private citizens, the law doesn't allow every vehicle owner to equip their vehicle with them. Furthermore, if the lights are required to be installed a particular way, they must also meet certain safety and performance standards.

    Due to their less distracting nature, vehicles with amber flashing lights are subject to much fewer regulations and legal requirements as compared to shiny red or blue lights.

    Magnetic Amber Flashing Beacons

    With its weatherproof design and exterior mounting capability, it is easy to maintain. A great choice to use during seasonal weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and mud winds.

    As there is a strong magnet to hold it in place, you can either put it on the dash or the outside roof.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Constructed from hard-wearing tough materials
    • High efficiency and long-lasting
    • Range of mounting options including magnetic mount, base mount, panel mount, wall mount, tube mount, and surface mount.
    • Ingress protection ranging from splashproof IP23 to weatherproof IP65, IP66 and IP67
    • Supply voltages including 230 V ac and low voltage AC/DC.

    What are the rules about using them?

    Consider reviewing local, state, and federal laws if you plan to equip your vehicle with amber lights. It is therefore crucial that you are familiar with the emergency lighting laws in your area since some lights must adhere to certain guidelines prior to use. Your vehicle can remain compliant and you can avoid fines by understanding these laws.

    Check for their compatibility with your vehicle

    Lighting options for Amber vehicles include beacons, mini-light beams, long panel lights, dashes, and strobes. Typically, these lights come with the mounting brackets and accessories you'll need to mount them on your vehicle.

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