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    Bahco Socket Sets

    Socket sets are tool sets that feature sockets. A socket is a tool that attaches to a socket wrench, ratchet spanner, torque wrench, or another turning tool in order to tighten or loosen a fastener such as a nut or a bolt by turning it. Made from high-quality materials, such as forged metals, for strength and durability, these tools are designed to withstand high torque as they help to loosen or fasten nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

    At RS, we carry socket sets from leading manufacturers, like Bahco. Bahco socket sets cover an extensive range of products, as sockets are made in many designs and sizes. Sockets can come in a variety of sizes ensuring you have the correct size for any job you require. The more pieces within the Bahco ratchet set, the more versatility this gives you to ensure you have the right socket for the job at hand.

    Using a socket helps provide extra support when fastening or loosening tight nuts and bolts as they are less likely to slip than if you used a spanner or wrench on their own. Sockets also allow you to apply more force when a part is corroded, giving more surface contact points when loosening/fastening. They also prevent any further damage from occurring to already weakened pieces.

    Sockets are measured in two ways: by their drive size and by the diameter of the socket. The drive is the connecting piece that links a socket and a turning tool. Drives are measured in SAE units by fractions of an inch, with the most common sizes being ¼,⅜, and ½ inch. Each drive connects to a range of attachments other than sockets, such as bits. Therefore, most socket wrench sets are designated by their drive size, though sometimes they might be additionally specialized for an additional function, such as with impact socket sets.

    Different Types of Bahco Socket Sets

    Bahco is one of the world's leading producers of tools and accessories, and we are proud to carry a wide selection of Bahco sets in our catalog. When you trust in a Bahco socket set, you have everything that you need at hand and won't find yourself unable to complete your tasks just because you don't have the right socket. Some of the most versatile Bahco sets are:

    Bahco SL25 - This 25-piece set contains a ¼ inch drive ratchet with a rubber-grip handle, 12 sockets (from 4-13mm), 10 bits with a bit holder, and a 100mm extension bar.

    Bahco S138 - a giant 138-piece set contains a full set of sockets, bits, and bars for 1/2in, 1/4in, and 3/8in drive ratchets (ratchets included) all in one.

    Bahco S330 - a 33-piece set containing various sized bits and sockets for a⅜ inch drive, as well as a ⅜ inch drive ratchet, screwdriver, and two extension bars.

    Types Bahco Ratchet Set

    Sometimes, socket tool sets will have a combination of socket types in one size, whereas others may be focused on providing a range of sizes in one type. Those include:

    Hex Sockets - The most common type of socket with a square drive at one end to attach to a ratchet. The other end has a hex or bi-hex recessed socket head for turning your nuts and bolts.

    Socket Bits - A combination of a screwdriver bit and a hex socket that connects to a ratchet. The other end is then used to fit into the female recess of your fastener, acting like a screwdriver.

    Impact Sockets - Built to provide more torque than ordinary drivers and wrenches, especially in use with air guns or other impact tools. Impact socket sets are made from chrome molybdenum steel and are more capable of handling vibrations. ¾ impact socket sets are the most common size.

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