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    Beanie Hats

    A beanie is a style of knitted hat that is ideal for when you are working outside or in cold environments. A beanie provides a soft comfortable fit and usually has a one size fits all meaning that the hat will fit various head shapes whether small or big. Beanie hats are also available in a range of colours including black, navy blue, green, orange, grey and red.

    RS have a great range of workwear including work hats such as caps and beanie hats which can help prevent heat loss from your head especially when working during the winter months and to help protect you from the cold, wind, rain and snow.

    Types of Beanie include:

    • Beanie Hat or Peaked Beanie -comfortable and warm fit ideal for the winter months with a one size fit, usually has a double layered knit
    • LED Beanie - same style as a beanie but features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions
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