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    Wera Ratchet Spanners

    Wera spanners are a series of hand tools from the renowned German manufacturer Wera. Within their catalog of spanners, Wera has a subcategory of high-performance spanners, including open-jaw and combination spanners that they've branded the Joker series.

    A combination spanner is a spanner with an open jaw head on one end combined with a ring-style head on the other end. With Wera Joker spanners, these ring-style heads sometimes contain a ratcheting mechanism. Ratchets make it easier to tighten or loosen because the mechanism allows the spanner to return to a starting position without removing it from the nut or bolt.

    Wera's Joker series is stamped with the tagline "Can.Do.Everything.Better." Wera designed the line of hand tools to solve some of the most common challenges users have with spanners. This includes problems such as the need to constantly flip the tool to get the right angle or the tool slipping from the user's hands. The result is an enhanced version of traditional tools that guarantee better performance.

    Wera Ratchet Spanners

    RS carries every type of Wera Joker spanners, from their combination ratchet spanners to their open-jawed spanners. We even carry Wera Joker spanner sets that contain many different sizes of spanners, and a specific Wera Joker ratchet spanner set for a set of combination spanners.

    The open-jaw end of each Wera Joker spanner has a unique addition they've called a limit stop. It is a small black plate that blocks the jaw from sliding over a nut if approached at the right angle. This helps users get better control when they turn and lets them apply more directional force.

    The jaw also is perfectly perpendicular to the handle, unlike traditional wrench jaws which are angled, and contains a 12-point double hex design. Together these features reduce the difficulty of attaching the jaws to a nut in tight spaces and limit the return angle to 30˚ for shorter, faster turns.

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