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    24mm Ratchet Spanner

    24mm ratchet spanners are a size of ratchet spanner that are used with fastenings measuring 24mm in diameter. 24mm ratchet spanners are sold either as individual tools or are part of a set. Additionally, 24mm ratchet heads are often found at the end of some combination spanners, or might be one end of a spanner with another size of ratchet spanner head at the other end.

    24mm is a large spanner size, so 24mm ratchet ring spanners, as they are also called, are commonly used on automobile engines or medium-to-large machines. Because 24mm bolts are so large, many 24mm spanners have one head positioned at a small angle - around 5˚ - to allow the user more freedom to maneuver in tight spaces.

    RS carries 24mm ratchet spanners and other spanners that contain 24mm ratchet heads, both individually and in sets. You can sort by type or by brand if you are looking for specific items such as Wera Joker 24mm spanners or Facom 24mm ratchet spanners.

    24mm Combination Spanner

    A combination spanner is a spanner with an open jaw head on one end combined with a ring-style head on the other end. Sometimes, these ring-style heads contain a ratcheting mechanism, but not always. Ratchets make it easier to tighten or loosen because the mechanism allows the spanner to return to a starting position without removing it from the nut or bolt.

    24mm combination spanners are a versatile spanner option because they offer two different means to tighten or loosen. The open end of the combination spanner fits around a nut or bolt, facilitating tightening and loosening when it is impossible to fit the ring end over the nut or bolt. In contrast, the ring end fits snuggly over the nut or bolt in question, creating more contact points and thus more torque when force is applied.

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