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    Facom Ratchet Spanners

    Ratchet spanners are small handheld tools used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Ratchet spanners have a closed ring head on at least one end that contains a ratchet mechanism; the other end might have another ratchet of a different size or a different end type of the same size. The ratchet mechanism helps the user apply maximum force with minimal effort. The mechanism allows the user to use the spanner to tighten a nut or bolt, then move the handle back to the starting position with the head remaining on the nut or bolt without loosening it.

    Facom ratchet spanners are considered some of the highest-quality ratchet spanners on the market, with the company having over 100 years of experience in tool manufacturing. Some of Facom's expert ratchet spanners are flex head ratchet spanners.

    Ratchet Ring Spanner Set

    Most ratchet spanners are designed as ratchet ring spanners, wherein the ratchet mechanism is housed within the ring-shaped drive head. Ring spanners fully envelop a nut or bolt and create multiple contact points between the two elements. The greater the number of contact points the more torque is generated when force is applied.

    Facom Ratchet Spanners

    Facom ratchet spanners, or ratchet wrenches, typically come in sets that contain ratchet spanners over a range of sizes. Facom's ratchet spanner sets include some of the most popular sizes, such as Facom 24mm, 10mm, and 13mm ratchet spanners.

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