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    10mm Ratchet Spanners

    10mm ratchet spanners are small handheld tools used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts that are 10mm in diameter. Ratchet spanners have a closed ring head on at least one end that contains a ratchet mechanism; the other end might have another ratchet of a different size or a different end type of the same size. The ratchet mechanism helps the user apply maximum force with minimal effort. The mechanism allows the user to use the spanner to tighten a nut or bolt, then move the handle back to the starting position with the head remaining on the nut or bolt without loosening it.

    10mm ratchet spanners can be sold individually or as part of a larger ratchet spanner set. RS carries all different models of 10mm ratchet spanners and sets that include 10mm ratchet spanners.

    Uses for 10mm Ratchet Spanners

    Because of their small size, 10mm ratchet ring spanners have a tremendous amount of uses in both professional and DIY settings. For example, many pieces of home lawn care or landscaping equipment use nuts and bolts that fit with a 10mm spanner. It's a smart idea to have the right tools around to perform home repairs on these types of equipment so you don't have to waste time and money with a costly 3rd-party service.

    Professional technicians and electricians also use 10mm ratchet spanners to complete jobs, since most modern systems use small components to minimize space. Because the maintenance work on these types of systems is performed in tight spaces, many technicians and electricians prefer to use 10mm flex head ratchet spanners so they can more easily maneuver around the space. The extra flexibility in the head coupled with the ratcheting mechanism greatly simplifies the technician's work.

    Types of 10mm Ratchet Ring Spanner

    Ratchet spanners are made in a variety of models and shapes, each suitable for a different purpose. For these models, one end of the spanner will house the 10mm ratchet head, and the other will have one of a variety of head types. They include:

    Ring - Similar in shape to the ratchet, a ring end is a closed head type with a series of immovable touchpoints, and will most commonly be the same diameter as the ratchet end. These ring ends work similarly to a ratchet in that they are placed over the nut or bolt to facilitate tightening or loosening, however after each turn, they need to be removed from and re-placed onto the nut or bolt. Ring ends usually have 6 or 12 contact points, with 12 creating more torque. Because the ring end is stationary, unlike the ratchet end, you can generate more torque.

    Ratchet - Some ratchet spanners double up on the ratcheting mechanism and will have one spanner with two differently-sized ratchet ends. A 10mm end might be paired with a 9mm or 11mm end.

    Open-Jaw - Open-jaw heads, as their name suggests, are heads with around⅓ of their end open. This is because the open end fits around a nut or bolt, facilitating tightening and loosening when it is impossible to fit the ring end over the nut or bolt. In some instances, an open-jaw head and a ratchet ring head on the same spanner will be called a combination spanner.

    Flex-head - Flex-head spanner heads are designed for use in hard-to-reach places and have a head that pivots up and down. 10mm flexible head ratchet spanners are a preferred choice for jobs that require deft maneuvering around obstructions to reach a nut or bolt because you can change the angle of the head to create contact with the nut or bolt, and apply continuous force without removing the head from the bolt.

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