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    27mm Spanners

    27mm spanners are a size of spanner that are used with fastenings measuring 27mm in diameter. 27mm spanners are sold either as individual tools or are part of a set, and can be sorted by type. 27mm is a large spanner size and is commonly used on automobile engines or large machines.

    27mm Combination Spanner

    A combination spanner is a spanner with an open jaw head on one end combined with a ring-style head on the other end. 27mm combination spanners are a versatile spanner option because they offer two different means to tighten or loosen. The open end of the combination spanner fits around a nut or bolt, facilitating tightening and loosening when it is impossible to fit the ring end over the nut or bolt. In contrast, the ring end fits snuggly over the nut or bolt in question, creating more contact points and thus more torque when force is applied.

    Other Types of 27mm Spanner

    27mm Ring Spanner - ring spanners fit over a fastening and can therefore generate a lot of torque. A 27mm ring spanner head might be one end of an offset ring spanner.

    27mm Ratchet Ring Spanner - like a ring spanner, they fit over a fastening but additionally house a ratcheting mechanism.

    27mm Open-ended Spanner - a spanner with an open end that fits around a fastening. Some open-ended spanners have heads at each end of different sizes.

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