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    Fluke Thermal Cameras

    Thermal cameras are designed for detecting heat energy and displaying it via an onscreen graphical readout, usually shown as an on-screen heat map overlay.

    Our Fluke thermal imaging cameras are high-end handheld electronic devices from a renowned manufacturer in the field, and combine superior speed and responsiveness with ergonomic styling and a sharp, clear integrated visual display.

    What features and technologies do Fluke thermal cameras typically include?

    • Fluke thermal cameras are known for their sensitive and accurate heat sensor components
    • The integrated sensor chips work in combination with specially designed lenses to transmit instant heat-reading data to their built-in screens using the latest image-capture technologies
    • This speed and responsiveness gives engineers and building inspectors the ability to quickly and precisely assess or identify regions of excessive temperature, as well as other issues such as sources of wasted heat energy
    • Fluke products are known for impressively high megapixel imaging resolutions, broad temperature measurement ranges, built-in email and image-sharing software, and suprios viewing angles and focus distances for faster, more effective assessments of larger areas
    • Fluke thermal cameras also frequently come packaged with generous bundles of accessories and add-ons, including:
    • Robust AC charger/power supplies (with mains adapters for fast charging)
    • High quality lithium ion smart batteries
    • Soft yet durable transport bags
    • Quick start manuals and manufacturer statements of factory calibration settings

    In addition to all manner of everyday engineering uses, Fluke thermal cameras are regularly (and increasingly) chosen for use by emergency services and first response teams, in remotely piloted drones (UAVs), and in fire risk detection exercises.

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