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    Portable Oscilloscopes

    Portable oscilloscopes are vital instruments used by engineers and technicians to capture and relay electrical signals and then accurately reconstruct waveforms. These waveforms can be analysed, manipulated, and even stored. They come in various forms with some models providing features such as multi analysis channels, function generators, or even a digital multi metre.

    Portable oscilloscopes are ideal for field work where a larger bench oscilloscope would not be feasible. Several portable oscilloscopes are battery-powered but exceptionally powerful in functionality whilst being portable and lightweight. They utilise digital oscilloscope technology to provide the power of the laboratory straight to the source. Oscilloscopes are familiar devices to those working regularly in fields that require general monitoring, diagnosis or troubleshooting of any electrically powered circuits, signals and systems.

    This covers a vastly diverse range of roles and environments, including:

    • Automotive repair and maintenance
    • Sound engineering
    • Electronics production and manufacture
    • Physics, natural sciences and research
    • Healthcare and medicine
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