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    Keysight Oscilloscopes

    Keysight Oscilloscopes are high quality devices that give you professional measurements you can rely on. Here at RS we have a great range of Keysight Oscilloscopes including bench, handheld, portable and PC base devices including the following series:

    • DSOX
    • EDUX
    • InfiniiVision

    An Oscilloscope is a complex electronic laboratory instrument commonly used to capture, process, display and analyse the waveform and bandwidth of electronic signals. These test and measurement devices from Keysight can be used with many different Keysight probes and adapter accessories to meet all your specific testing applications as well as software packages for analysing.

    Types of Oscilloscopes

    There are many different types of Oscilloscopes. The biggest distinction is whether they are digital or analog oscilloscopes. Within the digital oscilloscopes area, there are several different types.

    • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) - has a memory to store waveforms and display them for a period of time
    • Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO) - use a parallel processing architecture to enable it to capture and display signals
    • Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, (MDO) - can operate in more than one domain, i.e. in time to display waveforms and in frequency to display signal spectra
    • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, (MSO) - Combines an oscilloscope function with that of a logic analyser
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