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    Fluke Oscilloscopes

    Fluke Oscilloscopes are high quality test and measuring devices that you can rely on. Most types of oscilloscopes used today are digital meaning that they can deliver more accurate signal measurements and faster calculations as well as having data storage features and automated analysis. Operators can display waveforms with Connect-and-View trigger and setup technology.

    An Oscilloscope is a complex electronic laboratory instrument commonly used to capture, process, display and analyse the waveform and bandwidth of electronic signals. Fluke oscilloscopes can be used with many different Fluke probes, battery packs and oscilloscope accessories to meet all your specific testing applications as well as software packages for analysing.

    Handheld digital oscilloscopes such as Fluke ScopeMeter devices feature bandwidths from 20 MHz to 500 MHz, are battery operated and have a rugged case which means they can be taken to places that conventional bench oscilloscopes cannot go which includes outdoors and harsh industrial environments. These ScopeMeters from Fluke are small and lightweight which are ideal for technicians working in service, maintenance and installation applications. They can be used to see the shape of an electrical field as well as measuring the amplitude and frequency of electrical signals.

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