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    DC Clamp Meters

    DC clamp meters are hand-held devices also known as DC clamp testers. They are designed to measure the direct current (DC) flow in a conductor. Using a hall effect sensor, they detect the conductor's magnetic field to produce voltage readings. Our range of dc clamp meters has been sourced from leading brands such as; Fluke and Chauvin Arnoux and many more.

    How to use DC clamp meters?

    Select the measuring range required, press the trigger to open the clamp meter jaws, clamp around the conductor you want to test, and the device will produce the measurement readings. It's important to note that for accurate readings only clamp one conductor at a time, calibrate the zero settings to eliminate magnetic pickup readings from electrical devices and electronic equipment.

    Popular features & benefits

    Modern DC clamp meters include;

    • Electrical probes
    • Test leads
    • Bluetooth connectivity


    Operational safety is guaranteed, you don't need to break the circuit to conduct measurements with a clamp meter, so you can perform the tasks of measuring the current of an insulated conductor or low and high voltage.


    DC clamp meters are ideal for both residential and commercial electricians for testing and installation applications

    Why should you choose RS for DC Clamp Meters?

    We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we've been established since 1936 and have unrivalled expertise when it comes to providing customers with DC Clamp Meters. We support engineers all over the world, distributing products to customers in over 160 countries.

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