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    Load Banks

    Load Banks ensure equipment is running correctly especially if you have a power outage and used within any industry. A load bank is used within various applications with many different purposes including battery systems, engine generators inverters, ground power units, wind generators, operation and facilities plus aircraft. A load bank is an important piece of load, electrical, mechanical and voltage operation testing equipment that pulls all controls and systems into one unit. RS work with major electrical test and measurement equipment manufacturers all recognised for their expertise in delivering performance within the industry.

    Load bank testing tests a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and ensures the performance and battery of a system, tested under load testing conditions, an important part of system operation and maintenance. The Load bank takes on the operation of electrical load which a power source normally deals with testing the operation of the equipment.

    When a generator is installed you should test the generator operation on a regular basis. Load banks are used to test a generator as they mimic the load produced and identify and correct any issues.

    Types of Generator Load Banks available.

    Reactive Load Banks.

    • Reactive load banks test loads using an inductor or capacitor converting electrical energy to a magnetic field. Suited for transformers and motor-driven equipment.

    Resistive Load Bank.

    • A resistive load bank is widely used within many industries and tests the source / generator at full capacity, measures load, converting electrical energy to heat.
    • Resistive loads banks are available in various formats from size, power range, portable or fixed (rack mounted) plus are suited for portable generators, small generators and UPS.
    • DC Portable.
    • AC Portable (small and large).
    • AC Trailer mounted or fixed.
    • AC Voltage (medium/high).
    • AC Radiator or water cooled.

    There are also Capacitive and Inductive load banks available also used for generator testing.

    • Inductive load banks only test up to 75% of full testing.
    • Capacitive load banks test create power factor loads and again test only 75% of full power.
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