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    80mm Fan

    80mm fans describe the size of the standard internal fan in a personal computer, or PC. Fans are a critical piece of equipment within a computer, as they are responsible for keeping the entire unit from overheating and catching fire. Without a proper 80mm CPU fan, a computer wouldn't be able to function properly.

    Despite being so essential, it is common for 80mm PC fans to get overused, causing them to burn out and cease working. Replacing a 80mm fan is a fairly simple project for someone with the right tools and knowledge of how to repair a PC.

    Depending on a computer's processing ability, a more powerful 80mm fan may be required to keep it adequately cooled. RS carries 80mm fans in a range of airflow capacities and supply voltages.

    80mm Blower Fans

    Some builds call for hot air to be expelled from the cabinet, but there is no immediate place to push the air out of the cabinet. Builders will then use a blower fan, otherwise known as a centrifugal fan, to move the hot air out.

    80mm blower fans serve the same purpose as their axial counterparts, except that the air is moved on a different axis than the impeller's blades. In other words, air can be sucked in from one direction and expelled 90Ëš in another direction.

    PC Case Fans

    The blades on 80mm PC fans move fast enough that the fan must be housed in a protective case. These 80mm case fans are designed to fit within standard or custom CPU builds, and therefore need to be designed in a range of widths.

    80mm case fans draw their power from the CPU itself and are always running while the PC is on. To add a bit of personalization or flair to a PC, some like to use a 80mm RGB fan that generates an array of colors as the fan spins.

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