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    Facom Spanner Sets

    Facom spanner sets are a selection of Facom spanners of differing sizes and drive heads compiled in one convenient set. A single set may cover a variety of sizes and styles in order to make sure you have what you need on hand and are equipped to handle any job. Facom spanner sets are available in a variety of formats, such as a box, tray, or tool wrap, among others, to protect the tools from damage during transit and to facilitate easy transport and organization. The number of pieces within a given set will vary.

    Most sets are comprised of the same type of spanner, such as a ratchet spanner set, though some sets can be found to include one or more types of spanner, such as ratchet spanners, ring spanners, open-ended spanners, or combination spanners all in one set. These mixed-type sets provide additional value for their versatility and are targeted at those doing home repairs rather than professionals.

    Facom spanner sets are a staple of any tool chest. From home DIY enthusiasts up to professional engineers, spanners - or wrenches, as they are called in some areas of the world - are considered an essential tool. Spanners are designed to fit over a certain sized nut or bolt, with the spanners and nuts and bolts following an identical sizing chart; therefore, it's important to know if you need a Facom imperial spanner set or a metric spanner set to avoid confusion.

    Facom makes spanner and wrench sets that combine drive head types or are a single head type. Brose RS' full range of Facom spanner sets, including Facom ring spanner sets, Facom ratcheting wrench sets, and more!

    Facom Ratchet Spanner Sets

    Ratchet spanners are small handheld tools used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Ratchet spanners have a closed ring head on at least one end that contains a ratchet mechanism; the other end might have another ratchet of a different size or a different end type of the same size. The ratchet mechanism helps the user apply maximum force with minimal effort. The mechanism allows the user to use the spanner to tighten a nut or bolt, then move the handle back to the starting position with the head remaining on the nut or bolt without loosening it.

    Facom ratchet spanners sets will contain spanners over a range of sizes. If your job calls for working with fastenings of extreme sizes, you might need to look for sets with a large range of sizes within Facom's ratchet spanner sets to make sure you have the right tool for the job. For more standard jobs, or if you are thinking of giving a set as a gift, you might only need a smaller set.

    Facom Combination Spanner Set

    A combination spanner is, as the name suggests, a spanner with an open jaw head on one end combined with a ring-style head on the other end. Combination spanners are used to fasten and loosen nuts and bolts and are a versatile spanner option because they offer two different means to tighten or loosen.

    The open end of the combination spanner fits around a nut or bolt, facilitating tightening and loosening when it is impossible to fit the ring end over the nut or bolt. In contrast, the ring end fits snuggly over the nut or bolt in question, creating more contact points and thus more torque when force is applied.

    Facom combination wrench sets are made from tough alloyed steel and are available in a range of sizes, both listed in imperial and metric units.

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