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    Cat6a Cables

    Cat6a cables or category 6a cables are an high speed type of ethernet cable or patch cable as they're also known. They are used as a commonly within various types of industries and workplaces, including offices and warehouses requiring a network. Anywhere which has an internet connection, it's almost a guarantee you'll find one of these network cables.

    Where are Cat6a Cables used?

    Various industries use Cat6a cables, but they are also used within the home. After installation, some common applications include:

    • Computers and Laptops
    • Televisions
    • Wifi access points
    • Network enabled appliances
    • Telephones

    There are various types of shielded and unshielded versions of these cables, including, but not limited to:

    • F/UTP
    • S/FTP
    • U/FTP
    • Tinned Copper braid
    • Bare copper

    What kind of cable connector is used for Cat6a Cables?

    RJ-45 is the standard connector used with a Cat6a cable assembly. RJ45 is the universal connector used with 99% of network devices. Other connectors may be installed onto a Cat6a cable, but if you're selecting a pre-wired cat6a cable, then more often than not, RJ45 is the connector that would be used.

    What is a Cat6a Cable used for?

    Cat6a ethernet cables are used as data cables, directly linking a router or a modem to the device accessing the ethernet. Cat6a is a great choice for large spaces which may not be able to connect to the ethernet within a short distance.

    What is the difference between Cat6a and Cat6?

    The main difference between a Cat6a cable and a Cat6 cable would be the amount of bandwidth frequency they can support. Cat 6a can support double the amount of a Cat 6 around 500 MHz. After installation, Cat6a will also perform at 10 gigabits at 100 m, which is actually over the allocated length for a Cat6 cable (37 m). If choosing between the two, Cat6a is the more logical choice, especially for applications which may require networks at further distances apart.

    Cat6a Safety

    As a standard, every Cat6a cable is listed as at least LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). Meaning these cables will emit a very little amount of smoke and no halogen if exposed to a high heat source. Although you should always check the kind of shielded version you need, especially in a high heat environment.

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