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    Twin and Earth Cables

    The first thing you need to understand is that apart from a 2.5 mm t&e cable, there are other twin and earth cables in the market. The only thing is that many people always make use of 2.5 mm twin and earth cables as compared to others. For example, there is 1mm twin and earth, 1.5 mm twin and earth, 16mm twin and earth, 6mm twin and earth and more.

    It is important you understand each of their features and functionalities before making any decision. This is because while some might prove perfect, others may struggle to fit into your electrical project. Under normal circumstances, there are cables that are good once used for domestic wiring. A typical 2.5 mm twin and earth 100m ticks all of the boxes in such regard. Please note that in a situation whereby you have a 230volt single phase, something higher is recommended.

    Its current capacity is around 10 amps. Although it can take up more, such isn't advisable. In a situation like this, it is recommended you use 4mm or 6mm twin and earth cables. Furthermore, 1.5 mm twin and earth cables can be used for light fixings, and indoor wiring.

    Uses of A Twin And Earth Wire

    Since your cooking applications are heavy, a 10 mm twin and earth cable can be used. The same also applies to shower applications. Using anything less will not just make such appliances to stop working. Also, it can cause your socket to burn.

    For best results, it is always better to hire the services of a professional electrician. Such expert will be in the right position to help you make decisions on which twin and earth cables can be used in wiring various sections of your home.

    Even while using a 1.5 mm twin and earth cable for lights, it is not straightforward. This is because such greatly depends on the number of lights in a circuit. From the above, it is clear that your choice of twin and earth cable depends on factors like:

    • Amp
    • The appliance

    If you are looking for how to get the best Twin and earth cables. We are here for you. We have different categories of cables that you can choose from today.

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