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    Armoured Cable

    Armoured cables have become very popular in recent times. This is due to the roles they have been designed to perform once used for electrical project. The truth is that an armoured cable is very different from a conventional wire. For instance, it is characterized by an extra protective layer. This helps in ensuring it doesn't get damaged.

    It can also be referred to as a steel wire armoured cable. This is due to its rugged nature as result of the protective layer mentioned above. With such, its inner components will not be affected by abrasion.

    When Is The Right Time To Use Armoured Cables?

    Whenever power is to be transmitted in an environment, it is crucial to take cable protection into consideration. This is to ensure reliable and safe operation. In today's world, armored cables are being used in various industrial applications. Raceways and cable trays are where they can be mostly found in. An armour cable is usually grouped into 4 parts. These are:

    • Steel wire armour cable
    • Wire-braid armour
    • Steel tape armoured cables
    • Aluminum alloy wire armoured cables

    Ensure that you are choosing the right armored cable for your project. This is because they tend to offer different benefits. For instance, while a wire-braid armour cable is known to offer limited and light protection, steel wire armoured cables can offer more in such regard.

    Before reaching a decision to purchase one, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of your electrical project including its requirements.

    Uses of Armored Cables

    There are many ways or instances that an armoured power cable can be put to use. For example, they can be used in:

    • Indoor and outdoor applications
    • Power networks
    • Cable networks
    • Cable ducting
    • Underground systems
    • And more

    Advantages of Using Armoured Cable

    Are you wondering why these cables are commonly used in various electrical projects? It is due to the fact that they offer lots of advantages that you will hardly experience while using normal wires. These are explained below.

    They Are Temperature-Resistant

    Steel has a melting point of around 15000C. As compared to copper and aluminum, this is much higher with their respective melting points being approximately 10,000C and 6,000C. Steel offers better protection for electrical components in situations of extreme temperature. This is why they are used in industrial applications.

    They Possess Advanced Mechanical Properties

    When cables are used in those industrial applications, there is always likely to be problems during transmission. When armored cables are used over distances that are long, they become prone to different kinds of threats. In this case, their inner components are protected.

    Finally, you won't experience any problem of interference during transmission while using a steel wire armour cable. Based on this, there is always the possibility of cables and appliances coexisting in the same surroundings.

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