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    3 Core Armoured Cables

    When it comes to cables, armored means protected. How protected? These cables are more than just plastic around them. You need to get the best quality and total value for your money's worth. RS's range of lines is designed to meet the highest industry certifications and regulations to protect against the destruction that surges and spikes can bring.

    What is a 3-Core Cable?

    This is a type of armored cable that has three individual cores. The term "armored" refers to the protective layer of steel wire strands that surround each core. These steel wires are often wrapped around the entire length of each core and then coated in PVC.

    The purpose of this is to protect both the copper cores and the conductors within them from damage if sharp objects accidentally cut them. 3 core armoured cable are used for carrying high-voltage electricity over long distances since they can be thicker than two-core cables and still maintain a high level of flexibility.

    In addition, they can support much higher currents than single-core cables, which makes them suitable for industrial and commercial uses such as running lighting systems or powering machinery. 3 core armoured cable are often found in power stations or substations where large amounts of electricity need to be transferred from one location to another.

    What is the Armored Cable?

    The armored cable is a wire and cable with the added protection of an outer layer of insulation made from a rigid plastic or rubber material. This layer protects the core conductor and insulator from damage.

    Armored cables are commonly used in buildings, offices, and factories, which are subject to heavy abuse. For example, armored wires are used in computer networks and telephone systems in an office environment. The outer layer protects these cables from damage by people walking on them or being pulled around by equipment connected.

    The armored cable consists of an inner conductor, insulation, and armor/jacket. The inner conductor is copper, aluminum wire, or other metal that conducts electricity well. Insulation insulates this conductor, so it doesn't come into contact with other conductors. The armor/jacket protects the inner insulator from being damaged by pressure or abrasion. It also protects against corrosion caused by chemicals.

    What is the 3-core cable used for?

    The three cores are mainly used as power and audio cable and can also be used as signal interconnection cables in some applications. The 3 core armoured cable can provide good protection for the signal inside, so cutting off the signal during operation is difficult.

    Armored cable is commonly used in high-security situations where physical damage to the wires would directly impact the protected equipment. Experienced, professional engineers should only complete the installation and maintenance of armored cables to ensure adequate protection from potential threats.

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