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    6mm Armoured Cable

    A 6mm armoured cable is useful for many reasons. For instance, it can be used for projects that involve wiring. This is due to its water and dust proof nature. Just as the name implied, it is an armored cable. This makes it perfect for different underground installations. Through the use of cable cleats, it can also get attached to structures.

    Under normal circumstances, a 6mm cable armoured has a current rating of approximately 53A. This makes it offer maximum protection for appliances once used for wiring. If you have got domestic cooker or even shower circuits which are rated at around 40AMP, it is highly recommended you use a 6mm armoured electrical cable.

    Generally speaking, it is always important to know the power rating of your appliance before deciding on which one to purchase a 6mm armoured cable. This is to ensure you don't make the wrong choice that can damage your appliances.

    Where To Find The Best 6mm 2, 3, 4 & 5 Core Armoured Cable

    When it comes to finding the right place to purchase 6mm 3 core armoured cable, we have always proven to be one of the best around. It is fair enough to say that with us, you will get access to a 6mm power cable that can serve its purpose. In other words, they are rugged and durable. Therefore, they can withstand harsh conditions.

    Apart from a 6mm core cable, we also do offer other types of armored cables that will prove ideal for your projects. These could be 16mm, 1.5mm, 4mm, 10mm, and more. Do you want to know the best part? Such is the fact that our cables are great for areas that are vulnerable to moisture. Contact us today for more information on our 6mm armoured cable and others.

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