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    What are Hinges?

    Hinges are fixings that are typically made of metal and attach to a door or piece of furniture to establish and open and close system in a domestic or commercial setting. They are an incredibly useful asset to have as they bear the weight of the furniture and allow for protection of enclosed items.

    There are various types of hinges for a number of different applications. RS stock a multitude of Hinges such as Flush Finished or Soft Close Hinges that come in different sizes and styles to suit any application.

    Types of Hinges

    Gate Hinges – Gate Hinges are largely used to support garden gates and are made from materials that are built for resistance against rust, corrosion and extreme weather. Due to their applications, Gate Hinges are built to last. Hinges such as Tee Hinges, Hook & Band Hinges and Offset Hinges can be used to set up or upgrade a gate.

    Cabinet Hinges – Cabinet Hinges are used in many furniture furnishings such as Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets & Bathroom Cabinets along with many other applications. Cabinet Hinges can be sprung or un-sprung and come in various finishes. Cabinet Hinges are perfect for commercial and domestic settings, in which, Cabinet Door Hinges can keep a door closed without the use of a catch or door latch.

    Door Hinges – Door Hinges are used to attach a door to a frame and acts as a pivot point that that allows the door to open and close efficiently. Door Hinges come in several types such as Folding, Ball Bearing and Butt Hinges. They can be used for internal or external doors and are usually made from stainless steel but can also be made from brass and bronze.

    Soft Close Hinges – Soft Close Hinges have a great built-in mechanism that stop cabinet doors from slamming shut. They are widely popular, and many people choose to upgrade their current hinges to Soft Close Hinges. They can be adjustable and can use dampers to help doors close slowly. There are several types such as Soft Close Cabinet Hinges are a type of Soft Close Hinge which are used exclusively with Cabinets.

    How to choose the correct Hinge?

    To make sure that hinges you buy will meet your expectations you need to consider a few main aspects such as:

    • The weight of a gate/door (max load)
    • Material (steel, solid brass, zinc plated, vinyl, plastic etc.)
    • Type (concealed, tee, heavy-duty, door and butt hinge)
    • Mounting type (Screw, Weld-on etc.)
    • Features such as self-closing or even soft closing

    Features and Benefits of Hinges

    There are numerous benefits to using the many types of Hinges for your application. Some of which include:

    • Easy to install
    • Long lasting
    • Durable
    • Economical
    • Safe to use

    Browse the broad range of Hinges and accessories RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery.

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