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    3/4 Torque Wrench

    ¾ inch drive torque wrenches are handheld torque wrenches with a ¾ inch drive head. When equipped with a drive head attachment, they are used to tighten or loosen fastenings with a high degree of precision. They are essential tools in ensuring that nuts and bolts are not under or over-tightened, both of which can be damaging to the screw threads and can disrupt a system from working properly.

    The ¾ inch designation refers to the size of the output drive. This means that any head attachment, such as a socket, needs to be compatible with ¾ inch drive heads.

    RS carries a wide range of torque wrenches, including from leading manufacturers like Bahco torque wrenches and Stahlwille ¾ in wrenches.

    How to Use a ¾ Drive Torque Wrench

    Torque is a rotational force that is measured in Foot Pounds (ft-lb) or Newton Meters (Nm). Torque wrenches are designed to fasten at a precise amount of torque that users predetermine. Each torque wrench, regardless of style or drive size, will contain a gauge where users can set or input the desired torque they want to apply to a fastening, thus ensuring precision.

    Simply attach a socket or other drive head to the ¾ inch drive, set the desired torque, and start applying rotational force.

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