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    Fuse Holders

    Fuse holders are devices used for retaining, protecting, and mounting fuses. Fuse holders come in a range of styles, each designed to suit a specific style of a fuse. Fuse holders can be categorized by their attachment or mounting type.

    RS offer an extensive range of high-quality devices for industrial, commercial, and domestic use. All sourced from industry-leading brands including Schurter, Littelfuse, Cooper Bussmann, and Mersen.

    What types of fuse holders are available?

    As we mentioned before fuse holders vary, all depending on the fuse it is designed to accommodate and the application and environment it will be used in. Some of the most common types you will find are:

    Base mount- The base of the holder is usually attached to a surface by fixing screws in the centre of the base. Typically used with cartridge fuses.

    Inline - Inline fuse holders provide housing for a fuse in a wiring circuit. Cable or wire is attached at each end of the holder, making the in-line connection easy. Often used in vehicle electrical circuits with mini blade fuses.

    Panel mount - Specifically designed for mounting directly onto or in an electrical panel. There are two main types of panel mount fuse holders, rectangular snap-in types and cylindrical tube screw-in types. Cap styles can be manual, slotted, or finger grip.

    Rail mount - Rail mount holders are specifically designed to be mounted to DIN rails, meaning that they feature a slot for the rail to attach to somewhere in the body of the fuse holder. Rail mount fuse holders can vary according to a few different characteristics, including voltage and current rating, number of poles, terminal type.

    Bottle fuse - A holder for cylindrical bottle fuses, usually with a cap to complete the circuit.

    PCB Mounts - Holders that are directly fitted to a PCB. PCB mounts come in two basic types, open or fully enclosed. Open PCB mounts include fuse clips, fuse blocks, sockets, and plug-on cap varieties. The fully enclosed variety may use a fuse carrier that is inserted into a holder or may use other means to fully enclose the fuse.

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