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    DIN Rail Fuse Holders

    Rail Mount Fuse Holders are a special type of fuse holder that is mounted on DIN Rail. They provide a quick and convenient method for mounting fuses in electrical panels or enclosures. DIN Rail mount fuse holders can accommodate various fuse types including cartridge fuses, tag fuses and bottle fuses. Our range of fuse holders are available in single-pole, double pole and triple pole and come in a range of current ratings to suit every application.

    RS offer a comprehensive range of high-quality DIN Rail Fuse holders from industry-leading brands including Eaton Bussmann, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mersen and of course RS PRO.

    What is DIN Rail?

    DIN Rail is a long metal strip used to mount various electrical equipment and devices. DIN Rail is manufactured to conform to a specific set of standards set by the Deutsch Institute von Normen (DIN). There are four main types of DIN Rail which are;

    • TS35 also known as Top Hat Section
    • TS15 also known as Miniature Top Hat Section
    • TS32 also known as C Section
    • TS G Type section also known as J-type
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