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    Inline Fuse Holders

    Inline fuse holders are simple devices that do an extremely important job. They provide a housing for a fuse to act as a safety device within an electrical wiring circuit for when power loads exceed the safe level for electronic components. Inline fuse holders are fitted into a cable rather than inside a piece of equipment.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality inline fuse holders from leading brands including Bulgin, Bussmann, Littlefuse, and Schurter.

    What are the different types of inline fuse holders?

    These types of holders come in two main styles. Either pre-terminated with cable or just the inline holder itself, ready for the user to attach suitable wiring. Pre-terminated holders are available with various lead wire lengths and lead wire AWG sizes.

    What fuses can I use with an inline fuse holder?

    Inline holders can accommodate small 5 x 20 mm or 6.3 x32 mm cartridge fuses. Alternatively, they can also be used with automotive blade fuses such as ATO, ATC, and Maxi fuses.

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