Key components for the Industrial Internet of Things

The number of connected equipment and devices in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already in the tens of millions and continues to grow. Deployment of wireless connected devices, in conjunction with the advanced data analytics and cloud-based services, has the potential to transform operations for companies in the industrial automation environment in terms of efficiency, yield and throughput, as well as enabling key applications such as predictive maintenance.

There are myriad technologies and devices that can help businesses join the IIoT, including appliances that have been specially designed to enable better control in industrial automation environments, as well as innovative new interconnection products and technologies that can provide an enhanced infrastructure for Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) based communications. Two examples from many are the

groov from Opto 22, which provides a flexible and easy-to-use software interface to orchestrate automation systems, and HARTING’s Ha-VIS preLink, which provides high-speed Ethernet connectivity through its high-quality connector system.



The first example is the groov Box industrial appliance from Opto 22. This device enables maintenance engineers, facility and automation managers, as well as service companies, to remotely monitor and control almost any automation system or industrial equipment via applications or browsers on their iOS or Android smartphones or on their tablets, PCs and smart TVs. The minimum requirement to use groov is a network connection and a web browser.

groov provides a web-based solution to build and view groov operator interfaces by using a drag-and-drop interface and does not require any programming or coding. It also allows access to system data from anywhere that a network is available and allows users to receive real-time notifications based on configurable events. The groov system is secure as all communications are encrypted over HTTPS and all connections need to be authenticated with username and password.


The groov Box appliance and software solution enables smarter factories and provides the remote monitoring and control for almost any automation system or industrial equipment


Developed as an IoT tool for smart factories, the groov Box is a hardware/software solution that means that a PC is not required on site, which is ideal for deployment in facilities or remote sites where there are very low levels of IT equipment or infrastructure available. The appliance has a rugged and solid-state fan-less design, an operating temperature range ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, and features gigabit Ethernet interfaces and USB expansion for wireless LAN interfaces.

In addition to the groov Box appliance, groov is also available as a groov server version which is for use in facilities with Windows-based PCs or an IT infrastructure.

groov can be connected to Modbus/TCP devices and Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers directly, or to devices from other manufacturers through an OPC-UA server, allowing easy and simple monitoring and control of PLCs and SCADA systems.


Ha-VIS preLink

The second example is the HARTING Ha-VIS preLink connector system, which comprises more than 24 different products. Data network technology and Ethernet are becoming important innovation factors in the industrial world and especially so for the industrial IoT. Cabling forms the backbone for the use of these technologies, so it needs to be powerful, highly available and reliable. The Ha-VIS preLink offers new connectivity that fulfills these requirements, while also combining the demands of profile-specific cabling for the automation market (ISO/IEC 61918), with the advantages of generic cabling (ISO/IEC 24702 and EN50173-3). The product is a versatile and highly adaptive connector system for Ethernet-based cabling and offers reliable termination technology with guaranteed error-free processing, a simple and time saving on-site installation process, and the potential to revolutionise the installation of cables for industrial networking, premises cabling and other machine-control applications.

Compatible with a range of profiles including all Ethernet-based automation profiles and future-proof 8-core cabling for Gigabit Ethernet, the Ha-VIS preLink is a modular connector system that uses a rapid-termination technique allowing users to either pre-assemble cables or to buy prepared cables and install them quickly and simply on-site. Based on a termination block that users can wire up separately, the system snaps securely into any one of seven swappable mating profiles: RJ45, PushPull RJ45, M12 D-coded, M12 X-coded, RJ45 HARTING Industrial Form Factor, RJ45 Keystone and a preLink extender for cable extensions.


PROFINET compliant and usable for all Ethernet-based automation profiles and Ethernet transmission of 100Mbit/s, Gigabit, and 10GBit/s, the Ha-VIS preLink keystone RJ45 jacks for 19in patch panels and outlets can be quickly and easily assembled onsite; insertion of the termination block when assembled into the respective jack does not require special tooling.

Wires are inserted into the preLink termination block according to their colour codes, so cable termination and extra wire is trimmed in a single step, with the wired termination block becoming an integral part of the unit, which is also vibration-proof and protected from external influences.

The groov products and the Ha-VIS preLink connector system, as well as many other devices available from RS Components, can help enable businesses to join the industrial Internet of Things.