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    Sounder Beacons

    A sounder beacon is an alarm which has both audio and visual properties and is usually used in emergency situations, such as fire alarms for evacuations or on emergency vehicles to alert road users. The sounder emits a loud audible alarm to raise an alert to a hazard, while the beacon provides a clear visual alert - usually by a flashing indicator light through a coloured lens.

    Conventional sounder beacons are often used in commercial and industrial sectors and can be found in public places such as schools, warehouses, offices, construction sites, laboratories and industrial parks. These beacons are often used in emergency situations, such as fires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, as a means of letting people know to evacuate an area before disaster strikes and take other precautions. Non-emergency situations can also be handled with them, e.g. to control traffic outside or at factories and construction sites, to alert workers of any hazards that may be present there.

    How Do Sounder Beacons Work?

    Sounder beacons can be triggered manually, such as by pressing a button, or they can be set to activate automatically in response to certain conditions, such as the activation of a fire alarm or the detection of a gas leak. They may be powered by electricity or by batteries, depending on the specific needs of the application.

    The audio and visual alarms in sounder beacons are integrated, making it an enhanced warning device. They can come with different tones incorporating high frequencies, low frequencies, and industry-standard frequency patterns. They have different coloured lenses to give an improved warning signal. There is a wide range of alarm system equipment options available for both indoor and outdoor use. Some sounder beacons are equipped with volume control and tunable features. Beacons may be constructed with halogen bulbs similar to those used in xenon flash tubes or LED floodlights.

    Types of Sounder Beacons

    Sounder beacons are essential for effective auditory and visual alerts in safety systems. They come in various types to suit different environmental needs and alerting strategies:

    • Flashing Beacons: Utilise flashing lights to capture attention quickly, ideal for urgent notifications.
    • Rotating Beacons: Feature a spinning light that creates a noticeable strobe effect, enhancing visibility from all directions.
    • Light Effect Variations:
      • Blinking: Rapidly turns on and off to signal alert.
      • Steady: Maintains continuous light for consistent visibility.
      • Continuous Lighting: Provides uninterrupted illumination.
      • EVS (Emergency Vehicle Siren): Used primarily in emergency vehicles for high-impact visual signalling.
      • Flashing: Offers a repeating light flash, common in emergency signalling.
      • Multiple Light Effects: Combines several lighting patterns for versatile use.
      • Pulsed: Delivers bursts of light at regular intervals for durable attention.
    • Beacon Sounder Variations:
      • Alarm: Traditional alarm sound for general emergencies.
      • Buzzer: Emits a sharp, piercing sound, suitable for various alert types.
      • Electronic: Uses synthesised sounds to indicate specific warnings.
      • Horn: Produces a loud, resonant noise, effective over long distances.
      • LED Sounder Beacon: Combines LED lighting with sound for effective multi-sensory alerts.
      • Siren: Provides a loud and continuous sound, typically used to signal evacuations or warnings.

    Sounder Beacon Coverage Area

    The effective coverage area of a sounder beacon depends on several factors, including the ambient noise levels and the specific installation environment. Typically, sounder beacons are designed to produce a sound level of 5 to 15 decibels (dB (A)) above the ambient noise to ensure clear audibility.

    Sounder beacons with Pulse Alert Technology provide broad coverage, enhancing system efficiency. Ceiling-mounted models cover areas up to 15 metres in diameter, while wall-mounted types handle up to 11.3m x 11.3m. This range minimises the number of devices needed, simplifying installation and lowering energy use. Ideal for system upgrades, Pulse Alert Technology ensures clear, distinct evacuation signals for unmistakable safety communication.

    It's crucial to remember that sounder beacons should complement other safety measures and not be the sole method of alerting to potential dangers. Always adhere to established evacuation and safety procedures during emergencies.

    How to Order Sounder Beacons From RS?

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of high-quality sounder beacons, offering a wide selection from top brands like Fulleon Flashni, Klaxon, e2s, Werma, Patlite, Schneider Electric, Moflash, and our own RS PRO. Our sounder beacons, including combined sounder and beacon products, are designed for robust performance and longevity. They are rigorously tested to meet high industry standards for efficiency, protection, and ease of installation.

    Business account customers enjoy free delivery on all orders over $40 (excluding GST), with a delivery fee of $10 for orders under this amount. For private accounts and guest customers, delivery is free for orders over $80 (excluding GST), with a $12.95 fee applicable to smaller orders.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    To ensure timely delivery of your sounder beacons, please place your orders by 5 pm AEST from Monday to Friday. We offer next working day delivery for items stocked locally, although some regional areas may experience extended delivery times. For a detailed overview of all our delivery services, including special options like same-day delivery and consolidated shipments, please visit our delivery information page.

    Choose RS for your sounder beacons to benefit from our comprehensive selection and exceptional service that ensure you find the perfect fit for your specific safety and signalling needs.

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