Casing the Raspberry Pi

Ideal for use in the prototyping environment is a suitable case or enclosure to protect development board hardware from potential damage, while also providing easy access to board I/O and functionality. Now available from RS is a wide range of cases for the development and programming of the Raspberry Pi family of computer boards, including the first official case from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and a range of high-quality RS-branded solutions, which provide a variety of options for engineers, students and electronics enthusiasts to protect their development hardware investment.


New Official Raspberry Pi Case

Newly available via RS is the first official Raspberry Pi case. This new enclosure has been specifically designed for use with the Raspberry Pi Model 2 and Raspberry Pi Model B+ computer boards. Made from high-quality and impact-resistant ABS plastic, the enclosure is also highly visually appealing in its raspberry red and white livery.


Designed to provide enhanced board protection, the new official case comprises five separate pieces, which are simple and easy to fit together around the Raspberry Pi boards. The pieces include: a raspberry red base and top that can be easily clipped together, and released via the use of pressure buttons on the side; plus a snap-fit white lid and two snap-fit white sides.

The case has cut-outs for all the connectors including the USBs, HDMI, Ethernet, as well as the power supply and another for the microSD card slot. In addition, the removable top provides easy access to the board’s pin header. Other features of the enclosure include a plastic LED light protector, plus the addition of rubber feet for stability.


RS-brand Raspberry Pi Model A+ Case

A new carbon-fibre development board case for the Raspberry Pi A+ computer board is made of acrylic capped ABS plastic, providing high quality protection for the Pi board.


The enclosure is composed of two parts that easily clip together and features cut-outs for all Raspberry Pi board connections, along with rubber feet for added stability.


More Pi Cases

Also available is a range of RS branded Raspberry Pi development board enclosures for the Raspberry Pi A, B and B+ models. Coming in a range of styles and a variety of colours, there are many options including separate tops and bases for Raspberry Pi A and Raspberry Pi B that can be mixed-and-matched for a custom look. The cases are made from high-impact polystyrene with a gloss finish, in addition to the option of a black carbon-fibre finish made from acrylic capped ABS plastic. The case bases have cut-outs for all connections to the Pi boards and come with rubber feet.