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    There are different ways that you can place an order

    Choose your order method

    Online - This is the easiest way to order. Products can be delivered as quickly as the next day or can be collected at your local branch.

    Phone - By calling us on 1300 656 636

    How do I order online?

    You can do this in two ways, by search and browse and adding products to basket, or going straight to the basket and entering your RS stock numbers within it.

    Step 1: Select your preferred quantities and delivery options; then choose your next option from the two below:

    Step 2: Select your preferred payment option

    Step 3: Review page: Here you will have a final opportunity to review your order before placing it with us.

    Step 4: Order placed: Finally, you will see confirmation of the order you have placed and your unique RS Order Reference.

    If you’ll be ordering the same items frequently, consider Creating a Parts List to save time by click on save basket before proceeding to checkout.

    Can I set up a blanket order?

    We can set up a single order number for you to place a number of orders against, with a spend control, set by you.

    Tell us your order limit (i.e., maximum spend) over a specified time and we will log all your transactions with us. We will inform you once you have reached your limit.

    To set up this service up contact us.

    Can I get a discount on my large orders?

    Yes, if you have a bill of materials or an order over $1,000 we have a dedicated Quotation Team who can help save you money through negotiated discount.

    Alternatively, you can call our helpful team on 1300 656 636 or send an email to to upload your parts list for you.

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