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    USB Data Loggers

    USB data loggers can offer the measurement and recording of various parameters at various data points, but have the added USB connectivity. Being USB connected allows to be connected via a computer or other mobile devices that have a USB port. Having increased portability allows USB data loggers to be left anywhere to monitor data points, however the measurements can be collected as often as you like. With this increased USB loggers cover a large range of parameters from temperature, voltage, humidity to name a few. Depending on the environment being used in some USB data, loggers are ideal for harsh environments with an IP67 rated protection against water.

    Why choose RS for USB Data Loggers?

    RS has a fantastic range of USB data loggers from some leading brands such as Lascar, Testo, Corintech, Pico Technology and our very own brand RS PRO. The availability of having a calibrated thermocouple data loggers which will ensure high levels of accuracy and precision of temperatures.

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