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    Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

    Temperature and Humidity data loggers are a great addition for accurately measuring and recording data points are predefined intervals. Depending on your environment its important to measure humidity and temperature for example in food processing factories or when transporting goods as it can constantly measure the data points to enable you to take action if need be.

    A temperature data logger are capable of monitoring how cold or hot environments or machinery gets with great ranges. With our RS PRO range of temperature data loggers having the ability to measure temperatures to 3200 degrees Celsius.

    The interface of these data loggers include USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, which allow for monitoring and measurement either on the move or stationary.

    Why choose RS for Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers?

    RS has a large range of temperature and humidity data loggers from some of the leading brands such as Lascar, Testo, Pico Technology and our very own brand RS PRO. Our range of temperature and humidity data loggers can be calibrated to ensure accuracy and precision of the measurement data points.

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