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    Reamer Bits

    A reamer drill bit is a type of drill bit that has a cutting edge to remove material from the hole it's drilled in. Reamers are used for deburring holes that have been drilled.

    Reamer drill bits are available in many different sizes and shapes, the most common being square, round or hexagonal. They are available in different materials, including steel and carbide.

    The main use of a reamer drill bit is to remove burrs from holes drilled by other tools, such as saws or routers. These burrs can cause problems with mating parts not fitting correctly together. Reaming will remove these burrs so that the part fits together better.

    Reaming involves using two different types of drill bits: one for drilling through metal and another for drilling through wood or plastic. This is because metal has a much higher resistance than wood or plastic when drilling into it. Therefore, it requires more force from your drill motor than wood or plastic.

    At RS, we have both machine reamer bits and hand reamer bits. There are two basic types of reamers:

    What Is a Reamer Drill Bit Used For

    Reamer can be utilized in every industry, from machining and jewelry creation to metal fabrication. There are numerous locations where reamers can be useful. Reaming is a technique for enlarging holes and leveling off crooked surfaces. They can be used on several surfaces and in various sizes and forms.

    Reaming drill bit

    Reaming is an essential cutting operation in metal manufacturing. Reaming drill bit is widely used in the industry of drilling, spotting and other processing. The reaming technology is divided into machine reamer drill bits and hand reamer drill bits.

    Machine Reamer Drill bits

    Machine reamer bits are used for machine reaming. They have a tapered shank and a cylindrical body. This reamer style is normally used in high-volume production environments where the need to change tools quickly is great. The shank on this reamer features a Morse taper, which allows it to be quickly removed from the spindle and replaced with another tool.

    Machine reamers are available in solid carbide and high-speed steel (HSS) varieties. This reamer bit for metal is used when drilling holes in metal or plastic material with an existing hole that needs to be enlarged or opened up so that a larger shaft can fit through the opening.

    Hand Reamer Drill Bits

    Hand reamers are used for hand-reaming operations only. They are not meant for use in a machine shop environment. These bits differ from machine reamer bits primarily because their bodies do not feature a tapered shank but a straight one. Hand reamer bits also do not have Morse tapers on their shanks and, therefore, cannot be removed from their spindles as easily as machine reamers can be.

    Reamer Set

    A Reamer drill bit set is a set of reaming tools that consist of a round shank and a cutting tool. The reamer set is used to enlarge or finish the hole made by another tool.

    Reaming is one of the most common operations performed in metalworking, especially when making holes for pins, shafts, studs, and other parts. Reamers are available in many different configurations and sizes to fit various applications.

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