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    Flat Wood Drill Bits

    Drill bits with flat, chisel-like tips are called flat drill bits. In wood, plastic, and metal, these bits are ideal for drilling precise, clean holes without splintering, tearing, or tearing the material. In metalworking, woodworking, and other applications requiring a precise hole, flat drill bits are often used.

    Flat wood drill bits are a type of drill bit that is used specifically for drilling into wood. With flat, chisel-like tips, these bits cut clean, precise holes in wood without splintering or tearing its fibres. With flat wood drill bits, holes can be drilled for screws and dowels, and they can be used with handheld or stationary drill presses.

    The RS vide all types of flat drill bits as well as complete guides and features on how to use them.

    Features of Flat drill bits

    A flat drill bit may have the following features:

    Chisel-like tip

    With a flat wood drill bit, you can drill clean, precise holes in wood without splintering or tearing the fibres.

    Spiral flutes

    As wood chips and debris are removed from the hole by rotating a flat wood drill bit, spiral flutes remove them from the hole. A smoother, more efficient drill is made possible by preventing clogging of the bit.

    High-speed steel construction

    High-speed steel drill bits are usually made of flat wood drill bits, which can withstand high temperatures and wear. Consequently, they are long-lasting and durable.

    Various sizes

    Different types of wood and drilling applications require different sizes of flat wood drill bits.

    Types of drill bits for wood

    A common application is drilling through wood. Flat drill bits for wood come in several different types, each designed for a particular application.

    Auger bits:

    Drills larger holes in wood primarily for timber applications. Drill bits with these tips should be used more slowly than standard drill bits. Drilling uniform, deep, and neat holes are what they do best. Due to their wide flutes, they are less prone to clogging than other drill bits. At RS , you can find all auger drill bits.

    Flat wood bits

    Flat wood drill bits, also known as spade bits, make large, rough holes in wood. Their large diameters make them ideal for creating cable, wire, etc. holes. We stock a wide variety of flat wood drill bits at RS .

    Twist drill bits for wood

    Designed to make simple holes in wood, these drill bits are standard. They provide a clean, neat finish and are available in the widest selection of sizes. They are often made from High-Speed Steel (HSS) for long life and durability. Additionally, plastic, metal, and other materials can be drilled with twist drill bi

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