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    Pneumatic Pressure Relief Valves

    Pneumatic pressure relief valves are fittings used to control air within a compressed air system. They are implemented within systems to prevent spikes in pressure which could cause damage to equipment. Pressure relief valves are designed to provide safety and to help the system maintain optimal performance.

    Pneumatic pressure relief valves are set to a specific level of pressure. If this pressure is exceeded, the releases the excess pressure. The excess is released into the atmosphere when the valve opens.

    Pressure relief valves can be installed throughout a pneumatic system, wherever protection is needed from potential spikes in pressure. They are often attached to a pipe, filter or a vale and feature a threaded port for attaching. Pressure relief valves are very easy to install.

    What are pneumatic pressure relief valves made from?

    The valves are usually made from a metal, such as stainless steel or brass. They often feature a seal to provide an air-tight fitting, which is usually made from plastic of rubber.

    Where are pneumatic relief valves used?

    Many pneumatic systems require relief valves, for example compressors and process control systems. Some valves are designed for high pressure or high temperature environments too.

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