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    Waterproof Jackets

    Waterproof jackets are ideal for when you are working outside as they provide an outer layer of protection and help keep you dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather.

    RS have a great range of work wear including waterproof jackets and waterproof coats that come in various styles, colours and fittings such as male, female and ungendered making sure you have the correct fit to enable you to carry out your work efficiently. These type of jackets are usually lightweight and feature pockets and a zip front fastening with an inner storm flap for extra protection.

    If you work outdoors, then a waterproof jacket is essential if you want to stay dry.

    Waterproof Jackets features may include:

    • Adjustable hood, cuffs and hem
    • Waterproof fabric and coating offers excellent performance for when you are working outside
    • Protection from all weather conditions
    • Comfortable to wear, provides freedom of movement to let you able to perform your work without constraints
    • Hard wearing
    • Light weight styles
    • Breathable fabrics

    What makes a jacket or coat waterproof or water resistant?

    Waterproof jackets and coats usually have a durable water repellent finish on the outside that repels moisture and keeps you dry in wet weather. Also a waterproof material provides a complete barrier to water whereas water-resistant material is woven so tightly that water struggles to get through.

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