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    YY Cable

    The flexible and adaptable nature of YY cable makes it suitable for many industries globally. Let's see what makes people choose YY cables.

    The cables are commonly used for connecting cables to measure, control, or regulate equipment found in assembly, production, lifting, and handling applications.

    Meanwhile, technological advancements in smart homes and automated housing have made control cables such as YY more common in domestic settings. In addition, YY cables are no longer restricted to industries like construction and transportation, which may soon explain how everyday household tasks become as easy as pressing a button.

    YY control cables are highly flexible, unshielded multicore cables used for a wide range of applications, such as in engineering, plant installations, car production, and bottling. The cable is constructed from electrolytic fine copper wire strands insulated with PVC.

    If you plan to purchase YY or any other type of control cable, it is important to take care to avoid electrical hazards. "YY" simply means PVC is used as insulation and sheathing. On its own, it does not imply any particular standard adherence.

    Due to its outer sheath, YY cables are exceptionally strong, allowing them for use in harsh environments.

    There are LSZH varieties of YY cable available to reduce the chances of toxic materials being released during a fire. Cables such as these are not intended to be used for power circuits. Their purpose is to serve as control cables.

    Features of YY control cables

    • Grey outer sheath
    • The core colours are number-coded, with black outer sheaths and white number markings.
    • Earth cores are included as standard in YY cables with 3 cores or 4 core yy cable or 5 core yy cable or more.
    • Voltage rating: 300/500V
    • Temperature rating: -5 to + 70 degrees C.
    • Minimum bend radius: 10x overall diameter

    Types of YY Cable

    Available in a wide range of core configurations and cross-sectional area (CSA) sizes, with individual cores of green/yellow and varying numbered black cores. YY control cables are not suitable for fixed wiring applications requiring compliance with the requirements set out in BS7671.

    100 YY Cable

    With Classic 100 colour-coded YY cables, you can use them for signal and power transmission, as well as control. High flexibility enables quick and simple installation, with tough exterior sheathing that resists acids, salts, and oils.


    Cores are of plain electrolytic fine copper wire strands with PVC-based insulation. Cores are laid up in various colours to the colour code. Outer sheath of a special PVC-based compound in silver-grey.


    • Small cable diameters allow for space-saving installation
    • Due to the high test voltage of 4kV, electrical performance is high
    • Flexible conductor layers with short twists

    110 YY cable

    YY cables with 110 number-coding are similar to colour-coding cables, so they can be used for power, signal, and control purposes. Due to its high flexibility, installation is simple, and its tough exterior sheathing will withstand acids, corrosive liquids, and lubricants.


    Wire strands are electrolytically fine copper wires insulated with PVC. Each core is numbered consecutively in white on a black background. The outer sheath is made of a silver-grey PVC-based compound.


    Small cable diameters result in space-saving installations

    High electrical performance due to a test voltage of 4kV

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